About Us

Our Research Group of Thermography & NDT was founded 2006 at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. We are dealing with emerging technologies in Non-Destructive Testing, which are recently in a process of development and optimization for industrial applications. The main research topics in our group are:

  • Active and Passive Thermography
  • Digital Shearography
  • Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy

In adition to these experimental methods we are engaged in analytical modelling (Green’s functions, Integral Transforms) and numerical simulations (Finite-Difference-, Finite-Element Methods) in order to improve the defect identification algorithms by taking the physical reality into account. In the course of the research activities 10 journal papers, 55 papers in conference proceedings, 1 PhD thesis and 10 master thesis have been published.

We see our activities at the interface between science and industrial applications. The main pillar of our research is the systematic improvement and development of these methods as well as the increase of their application range. In addition we are open for short-term feasibility studies on request at any time.